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Early Years

Racing Boy was first established in 1995 by Mr. Lee Meng Tek, a caliber mechanic from Bukit Mertajam. Initially, this brand was registered under a company called Asian Alloy Enterprise in Penang. Mr. Lee himself is a motorcycle enthusiast. On the strength of his interest, he started to invest in business related to motorcycle parts and accessories for low capacity engines in 1995. Mr. Lee always put his best foot forward to grab a better opportunity. Survey to survey; finally, he realized his business needs to grow faster in every aspect in order to meet the demand of a fast growing industry. With an optimistic thinking, Mr. Lee has made up his mind to expand his business by moving the Racing Boy brand to Selangor, city of Malaysia with his brothers. In 1998, they have moved to Selangor. To rebrand Racing Boy, Mr. Lee and his brothers decided to re-register and incorporate the brand under a new company named Meng Kah Auto Parts Trading Sdn Bhd (MKA). This effort became a very important turning point for Racing Boy. Since then, the Racing Boy brand has started to operate its business in Puchong Utama Industrial Area.

Turning Points

In 2001, with the objective of owning Racing Boy product design, they managed to gain trust from an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in Shanghai. This MOU is really a good start for the Racing Boy brand to move towards globalization in the future. With trendy designs and latest technologies, the company begins to design, develop and produce quality products. In 2002, Racing Boy became the first brand to produce coloured alloy rims in Malaysia motorcycle industry. Twelve different colours of alloy rims have been produced for enthusiasts. This eye-catching coloured alloy rim has changed the mindset and perception of motorcyclists on conventional silver colour rim. It created a new sensation in Malaysia. The riders started to recognize the quality and styling of the Racing Boy products. The success of coloured alloy rims has motivated the company to broaden their horizons out of Malaysia market. In 2003, Racing Boy brand has reached an agreement with a Thai business partner. They managed to find a manufacturer in Shanghai to generate a new series of sport rims called Rim 811, specially designed for motorcycle Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and the local brand, Modenas. Due to the special characteristics of the product, the sport rim obtains very good responses from the riders.

In 2004, they enter another maturity level. They take initiative to sponsor a few teams in the Malaysian Cub-Prix Championship. By the irony of fate, the sponsored teams have won excellent results. It gives great exposure to Racing Boy throughout the event; as a result, many racers and fans start to keep Racing Boy as their racing idols. Till today, Racing Boy is still the main sponsor for the event. Through time, Racing Boy has become a well-acknowledged brand in the market. The brand has achieved good results in the year 2005 and 2006. It gives Racing Boy a boost energy to formulate more new breakthrough products. Thus, they started to widen their product range to handling system, braking system, engine parts and many more. Further, in year 2007, Racing Boy expands its business in Southeast Asia countries. Philippines and Vietnam are their first target. The investment takes place in 2008. Then, Racing Boy continues their investment in Singapore in 2009 and Greece in 2010.

2010 was also the year for the founder to hand over the baton to his eldest son, Mr. Bruce Lee. Moving towards the second generation of the company, Mr. Lee Meng Tek is always nourishing his son with business mindset since teenage. Though young, he is very smart and aggressive. He is full of energy and talented in doing business. With the new business approach, Racing Boy moves into another higher level by expanding their products to scrambler bike or “dirt bike”. Equipped with advanced automation technology, the company spends a lot of time in doing R&D. In 2012, the brand has successfully unveiled its new range of scrambler products. In 2013, Racing Boy has sponsored many talented racing teams. It can be seen in the Cub Prix and also Moto-GP Malaysia. Each sponsored racing team has demonstrated the ability to achieve commendable results. This is clearly evident by the world-class racing team, Yamaha Factory Racing in Moto-GP 2013. The excellent results achieved by them have prompted Racing Boy to continue sponsoring the Yamaha Factory Racing in 2014.

Today, Racing Boy is not only an important icon in motorcycle parts and accessories industry, but also the idols of Asia championship racers. It is in a well positioned to provide a wide range of products to meet the requirements of tomorrow. With well-trained and experienced team, Racing Boy brand is ready to explore and enter a greater international market in near future. Racing Boy will continue to build the riders’ confidence.


Through decades of brand building and continual delivery of high quality products, end of 2011, Racing Boy has won the first trophy in the “2nd Asia Success Award” which is organized by the International Organizing Committee, Asia Success Inc. Racing Boy was awarded as “Super Golden Product” in the category of motorcycle rim products. In early 2012, Racing Boy once again obtained an award. Racing Boy brand was awarded as “11th Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand” by the Asia Pacific Excellence Entrepreneur Alliance. It is supported by the top leading international magazine, Global Business Magazine.


MKA has 4P visions:-

Productivity:To be more innovative and better in product quality
Professionalism:To be more professional in services and solutions
Perception:To be more visionary and always thinks optimistically
Partnership:To be more integrity with partners and customers


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