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Square 2020 OL

Sport Rim

Racing Boy sport rim features traits of precision, elegance and enduring aesthetic design. It reflects a distinguished sense of style by providing a sleek, amazing and fast feel to the wheels. Your bike will naturally look faster and fiercer on the road.

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    Asian Road Racing appointed rim

    High quality alloy to ensure safeness
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    SP522 is made of aluminium alloy in 5 spokes design with sand base paint finishing. This will give you elegance and exceptional tone for your ride. SP522 is a selected rim for the Asian Road Racing Competition. With this acknowledgement never doubt that SP522 will give you the confident that you need on the road.
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  • The unique spoke design significantly reduce weight
  • 5 spoke design magnify the spotiness & performance
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01S0275 SRL  140X17 / 160X17 Matte Grey, Gold, Matte Black
01S0160 LC135  185X17 / 250X17 Matte Grey, Gold, Matte Black
01S0161 Y125Z  185X17 / 250X17  Gold, Matte Black
01S0289 Y125ZR (LC5S)  185X17 / 250X17  Matte Grey, Gold, Matte Black
01S0366 Y15ZR  185X17 / 250X17  Matte Grey, Gold, Matte Black, Blue
01S0367 FZ150I  185X17 / 250X17  Gold, Matte Black
01S0350 Y15ZR (LC150)  250X17 / 350X17  Matte Grey, Gold, Matte Black, Blue
01S0365 FZ150(N)  250X17 / 350X17  Gold, Matte Black
01S0390 Y15ZR (S/RACE) 185X17 / 250X17 Gold, Matte Black
01S0349 R15 250X17 / 350X17 Gold, Matte Black
01S0368 R15  185X17 / 350X17  Gold, Matte Black
01S0395 EGO  185X14 / 215X14 Matte Grey, Gold, Matte Black, Blue
01S0397 EGOLC  185X14 / 215X14 Matte Grey, Gold, Matte Black, Blue
01S0400 EGO  140X14 / 160X14 Gold
01S0401 EGOLC  140X14 / 160X14 Gold
01S0396 LC135  160x17/185x17 Matte Black, Matte Grey, Blue, Gold
01S0387 Y15ZR 160x17/160x17 Matte Black, Matte Grey, Gold
01S0410 Y15ZR 215x17/300x17 Matte Black, Gold
01S0394 R25 300x17/500x17 Matte Black, Gold
01S0398 EGO/EGO LC 120x17 (1 PCS) Matte Black, Gold
01S0408 Y15ZR 160x17/185x17 Matte Black, Gold
01S0407 EGO 120x17/140x17 Matte Black, Gold
01S0399 EGO 140x17 (1 PCS) Matte Black, Gold
01S0409 EGO LC 120x17/140x17 Matte Black, Gold
01S0411 R15 215x17/300x17 Matte Black, Gold
01S0412 FZ150i 215x17/300x17 Matte Black, Gold
01S0413 NMAX 300x17/350x17 Matte Black, Gold
01S0414 LC5S 160x17/185x17 Matte Black, Gold
01S0430 Y15ZR 160x17/160x17 Matte Black, Gold
01S0441 Y15ZR 185x17/215x17 Matte Black, Gold
01S0444 LC5S 160x17/160x17 Matte Black, Gold
01S0443 LC5S 140x17/160x17  Matte Black, Gold
01S0277 W100  140X17 / 140X17 Gold, Matte Black
01S0276 W110  140X17 / 140X17  Gold, Matte Black
01S0381 RS150R  185X17 / 250X17 Gold, Matte Black
01S0402 BEAT / CLICK110  140X14 / 160X14 Gold
01S0403 CLICK125 / 150  140X14 / 160X14 Gold
01S0392 SONIC150 160x17/160x17 Gold, Matte Black
01S0389  GSX150 215X17 / 300X17  Gold, Matte Black
01S0406 BELANG 160x17/185x17 Gold, Matte Black
01S0380  NINJA KRR/KR150 215X17 / 300X17 Gold, Matte Black, White

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