RCB 2021 Cover Web OL 01 copy

MB2 Series

  • External Reservoir Tank

    External gas reservoir
  • Adjustable Spring

    Control the length of spring being extended to control how hard the shock absorbers
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    Improve comfort by mitigating the shock escpecially on the rough roads. Elevate stability through resistance to periodic vibration.
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  • Adjustable Spring Preload +

  • Piston Rod Diameter 14mm +

  • Big Damper Piston Diameter 35mm +

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01A0176 UNIVERSAL 275MM Yamaha Black, White, Red, Yellow
01A0180 NVX155 305MM
01A0181 NMAX 330MM
01M0167 EGOS 295MM
01M0168 EGOS 305MM
01A0177 UNIVERSAL 335MM Honda
01A0178 SH15Oi 380MM
01A0182 TIGER 320MM
01A0179 AIRBLADE 320MM
01A0169 CLICK125 330MM


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